Tutorial Porter Robinson bass


I was wondering, how you get those edits in the bassline that porter robinson does in his bass. Does he use  multiple instruments of the same soundsource or just one?

And does he use some sort of a glide. Wolfgang gartner also has those freaky basslines.

Those cool edits make that bassline really cool. Any feedback on this or a tutorial would be very helpfull.




+1 for this. there needs to be a good tutorial for this kind of electro wolfgang, steve duda etc. just cant even begin to understand how to make it but i want to! :smiley:

Using sylenth1

I have been trying to get this sound.

And I fail.

Weird !!! , because i hanged out with Porter Robinson before he became famous

+1 from this but I will try to help as best as I can…

I have been listening to nothing but porter/wolfgang/felguk for awhile now.

These guys are all amazing electro house producers. Great bass lines.

I have been spending weeks, listening, dissecting and practicing these sounds.

I don’t know the exact science to it… but what I have realized is a couple things.

Their sound is a combination of electro/fidget/dubstep/house. They use techniques that are blended together to make their own sounds. Recently I’ve been working on a bassline that is similar to the one that porter robinson makes in “Say My Name…”

The way that I did this was I took a sylenth And made a cool distorted deep bass line. Then I did a duplicate of this bass for another instance of sylenth and changed octaves/filter/lfoFrequency and made the bass wobble. Then I did another duplicate of the original sylenth and changed octaves/filter/pitchLFO. The result was 3 instances of sylenth playing completely different sounds together for an uber complicated bass line. You can even group these 3 basses together or layer them in an instrument rack to get more possibilities by throwing FX on the group or IR.

I suggest watching the Fidget House Tutorial on SA along with the bass line resampling tutorial and the LFO whomp tutorial in the tech tips volume 6. All of these opened my eyes to some of the cool techniques I need to learn to accomplish similar sounds/FX to some of my tracks.

but all in all. I would love to see a Fidget/Electro/Dubstep House Tutorial along the likes of skrillex, wolfgang, porter robinson, felguk.