Tutorial progressive house

recently purchased the progressive house tutorial by echo sound works on my mac, and i went to unzip the files and it says, unable to unzip file (error 2- no such file or directory) anyone know how to fix this? would be appreciated thanks!

Try this.

Hi, I had the same problem…

It turned out to be that the zip file was encrypted and Archive Utility (Default program to extract zip files in Mac) is unable to extra encrypted files.

Try this:

1-Go to the Mac App Store

2-Search for an app called “The Unarchiver” and install it

3- Right click on any zip file, select get info and change the default program to be opened with to the unarchiver (If one of your files has the same problem I suggest to apply this to all similar files)

4-Open the file

I hope this was helpful, if not please let me know


Thanks Chris! Really appreciate it, love your videos by the way! keep it up.