Tutorial Request - How to make Complextro

Hello all.

Just wondering when i was searching over youtube, there is no really tutorials to how to make full complextro/electro house stylish track like wolfgang gartner makes. Just passing trough my mind. :slight_smile:

Here is some links →

[url]Wolfgang Gartner - Undertaker - YouTube

[url]Wolfgang Gartner - Illmerica - YouTube

[url]Wolfgang Gartner - Wolfgang's 5th Symphony (Radio Edit) - YouTube

Good request. I’d like to see this to see this tutorial as well.

Check this out for now, you will get an idea of how to get that sound…


Is this not very similar to the skrillex (glitch house) tutorial?

[quote]phil johnston (16/09/2011)[hr]Is this not very similar to the skrillex (glitch house) tutorial?[/quote]

lol phil. its the same thing 4 sure.

Check this out!!!

[url]Coyote Kisses - Acid Wolfpack - YouTube

Listen, I know nothing, but honestly I think you can get a long way toward complextro from the glitch dubstep tutorial.

The thing about all of this is someone out there can 100% show you how to get the sound you’re looking for, which can be frustrating, because we all want to know now and not reinvent wheels.

All things are revealed in time. Stare into the abyss that is your digital audio workstation and wub it out until you’re hearing things that aren’t even in the track. :wink: