Tutorial Request - Making a bassline

Hey SA

any chance we could get a tutorial on making basslines with the novation bass station?

i’m producing hard house and have found in your other videos all your basslines revolve around house\electro - so i don’t need the fuzzy electronic type of sound. I think it could be fairly simple for you to do, like touching on pwm, lfo and oscillators. Generally how they work and bounce off each other to create your desired sound.

i’ve been shown in the past but a video reference to follow would be awesome. i’ve put some video samples in here in case you aren’t too familiar with a hard house bassline.

- YouTube

paul glazby hostile - YouTube

- YouTube

and with this being a pretty typical bassline in the scene - YouTube

keep up the good work guys, your work is outstanding!!


there’ll be another poll soon on the next HTSL!

hard house will be in there!

so get ur vote in

much appreciated my man! thanks very much :slight_smile:

hi bry

any idea when the next poll is coming up? for sure hard house will lose :frowning: but i’m keen to get some good bassline making tips that aren’t fuzzy\electro sounding.

i’m sure it’s simple for you guys to explain compared to the complicated ones you’re already putting on videos :wink:

I think this would be a good idea for those looking to create different sounding basses for all of their productions.

I try and incorporate all styles into my fidget so a hard house type bass could be useful plus novation would be useful to learn

hey i wouldn’t mind a bit of BK, Proteus, yoji, don’t know if they qualify as hard house. i really like the FIN NRG acid freeform kinda stuff (or what ever you kids call it these days) don’t mind some of dom’s stuff but most of the Hardhouse Hrg around is total crap these days.

like the Psytrance thats around atm kinda got the Nrg style basslines with the tripped out effects and dirty synths