Tutorial request: Skrillex type voice box synth sound!

The example I have here is NOT from skrillex, but skrillex uses it a lot.

I Can’t Dance E.P Vol.1 - Special Features by specialfeatures

At the very beginning, you hear it. It almost sounds like a vox, but it has a very cool distorted lead guitar sound, and almost sounds like he took a voice sample and just changed it. But I can’t put my finger on what he did. Formant filtering? No idea… I have no idea how to reproduce this any tips would be helpful.

BTW, this guy released an EP that I was very happy with… FOR FREE (No I dont know him or am I associated with him). But this soundcloud clip is a sample of his free EP. You can like him on facebook and get the ep for free.

ANYWAY. If anyone could shed some light on how to make this sound that would be great!

Oh… I guess I should say my DAW and plugins I have:

Ableton Suite 8



don’t have alchemy, but haven’t used it yet (so I can get the trial if need be).

that sounds like a a vocoder. i think :smiley:

[quote]alinenunez (09/04/2011)[hr]that sounds like a a vocoder. i think :D[/quote]