Tutorial Request: Workflow / Sketching / Arrange / Master

I would honestly love to see a segment or area dedicated to the site where SA uses an establish artist and have him/her create a song from start to finish unscripted or at least mostly… I think this would differ from the tutorials that are (planned) like how to sound like ones. Those are fantastic, but it is very much learning the software vs the theory or workflow of others… I guess it would be more of a workflow tutorial. Learning why certain artists use theory in their songs at certain points and why they do. Examples… Sketching a melody… then picking which chord progression to go with it… then picking a drum beat… finding better drum frequencies to fall within a track… etc etc then finally to a light mastering part while checking for phasing problems and how to correct them. Overall I mainly want to see someone create a song thats not a how to sound like another song someone else made to show workflow and how to establish cool sounds and tricks to show how to achieve them based on other sounds you already have going in ableton. Progressive house, trance or electro… At any rate I think the training provided is awesome! Keep up the great work guys…

+1 this SO MUCH! It would be a great addition to the current tutorials

Well Said,

Agreed I would like to see something like this as well… button pushing courses having their place but further discussions on the creative process would be a great addition.