Tutorial series on using Maschine request

Hi guys,

The new website’s looking jolly spiffing. At the time of writing not everything is up and running, but I’m sure it will be sorted.

I noticed you’ve put up a tutorial series on using NI’s Tracktor X1 and Tracktor Pro. How about a tutorial series on using NI’s Maschine as well? This is a hugely versatile instrument that is hugely underused. As most people on the site are producing music as well as DJing, it would compliment your Traktor tutorials nicely.

SA for world domination! :smiley:

yeh dunno how many people own one but i would also find this useful.

actually bought one like 2 months ago yet to receive it but grr

I know its a bit of a closed market, but then again not everyone is going to own a Traktor either.

What I’m really interested in is its customisable MIDI controller usage via the bundled Controller Editor software. I’ve just started getting into this with Ableton, and the potential is unbelievable. Try using the Mackie Control template that comes included with Maschine. You’ll need to switch to via SHIFT+CTL on the controller, and make sure you have ‘Mackie Control’ selected in the MIDI preferences window with ‘Maschine Controller’ as your MIDI in and out.

It maps instantly to any of the effects you have in a channel and you can use the hardware to control them from there. You’ll need to use the arrow keys to navigate to this option then select the ‘VPot’ option when you can see the effect you want you manipulate. It sends the names of each of the parameters BACK to the hardware LED windows on Maschine, so you can see what you’re controlling. I’ve only just found this out thanks to a very kind user on the Ableton forums and it is UNBELIEVABLE! :slight_smile:

IMO, I don’t think Maschine needs a tutorial. It is pretty self-explanatory since it comes with projects that can be opened and dissected and can teach you a great deal on how tracks are put together. It also comes with one of the most user friendly manuals I have seen; add the NI forums and website video tutorials to that and I think just dedicating some time learning its interface is all you need. :wink: Just my 2 cents.

I agree that its main program is pretty easy to get going, but the real power comes in its routing and effects capabilities that arn’t immediately obvious in the manual. The other thing of course is its versatility as a MIDI controller, again whose potential is not fully explained in the manual. I think all of these would make a great tutorial under the ‘producer’ section.

i think if it where covered in a “Drum Machine” Tutorial covering Battery, Guru, UltraBeat, and the D16 ones then it would be much more widely received.

Sounds good!

The big area I’m interested in is MIDI mapping beyond the straightforward kind found for example in Ableton which lets you map only to a fixed number of variables. How, for example, do you get a MIDI controller to map instantly, say, to a new instrument racks parameters? How do you in the same template get the MIDI controller to then read and feedback which clips in Ableton are empty, on standby or playing? And then behave as a straightforward note player?

I’ve been looking all round the net for this and can’t find any decent information anywhere. I think SA would be able to make a great tutorial - even if it was just a tech tip (although I tend to think it might be a bit too complicated for a single tutorial).