Tutorial using synths (basics)

hi all!

its been a while since i lasted logged in. iv been using live 4 quite a while now, ive got suite and massive so ive got a few synths 2 play around with but i just find myself flickin thru presets!!!really annoyin! i was wondering if there cud possibly b a tut on using a synth 2 make ur own sounds??? coz i know that u can make nethin from beats snares hats bass etc. also is sylenth still intell only as iv got g5 and a macbook pro so id like 2 use it on both!!

cheeers in advance


This is kind of what I’ve asked for as well over in the ‘How to sound like…’ forum. I think this wold make a great series for SA to do.

i agree, some really in depth beginner to advanced level theory and programming methods would be really great. Also I think it would be good to explain how to recreate a sound you hear in a song and if there a method or logical sequence one should take to get to desired result