Tutorials for Techno Loops (drums, tops, etc...)

hello sonic academy, I wanted to say that I love your videos, and i want to request a tutorial or maybe a couse…

you have many courses teaching how to create many geners, but I was wondering if you can upload videos which teach how to create Drum loops,Hats Loops, and others…like in many packs you can buy out there (I am talking about TECHNO. MINIMAL. MINIMAL HOUSE geners)

Teaching how to create with creative methods, can be really helpful, considering the fact most of this music is a lot about loops I think its a really important subject which is not covered deeply as it should…

I hope you can help…

Take a sampler/drum machine i.e ableton drum rack, impulse, Logic esx24 or ultra beat and a bunch of 1 hit samples hats snares claps toms etc and add to sampler/drum machine try different patterns, shorten some sample lengths with release parameters to add a different flavour, practice until something sounds nice add a groove template for a touch of swing.

Tutorial over.

for an even shorter and lazier way, without having to have someone hold your hand buy a Sample pack in the genre you requested!

or perhaps this will help;


Tutorial 1 - Slicing Loops using Recycle and Audacity

Tutorial 2 - Creating Unique Loops using sample slices

Tutorial 3 - Layering Drum Loops

Tutorial 4 - Layering Drum Loops Part 2