Tutorials on complextro style glitch electro dub in Logic

What i would really like learn would be how to create songs like a certain group called Adventure Club im in love with the vocal and glitch melodies of there songs two good examples would be

Retro City Adventure Club - Retro City - YouTube

To A Friend Alexisonfire - To A Friend (Adventure Club Remix) - YouTube

This is one of my favorite styles and it is killing me wanting to learn how they do everything especially getting their synths to create a similar bass line and melody but also the vocals and glitching effects

Other cool things I would like to learn would be how to create the filth from drops like borgore decisions track

- YouTube

The complex melodies and basslines of people like porter robinson and his tracks vandalism and the seconds

Vandalism Porter Robinson - Vandalism (feat. Amba Shepherd) - YouTube

The Seconds Porter Robinson - The Seconds (feat. Jano) - YouTube

hey there,

i know its not exactly what your looking for either as a direct music genre or as DAW format but check out the glitch step house how to make tutorial youy will surely find some good tips there

i make dubstep and drum and bass and i found this to be one of the best tutorials on the site