Tutorials using Ableton 8

First thing i would like to know is how to use the new grid proper! After watching tutorials on 7 how to set-up the grid for DJ’ing (warp straight from here) i was flying! But in Live 8 the grid has changed! If any mods/users know the new correct way to warp/grid tunes in 8 please let me know!




Yeah I agree just got ableton live 8 and WTF! How do you dj with it?? can’t get my head round the warp makers etc?? Only had a quick go so will look again and reply if I figure it out! Otherwise it’s such an improve!! Love it :smiley:

Whats up guys,

I found this when I was looking on the forum the other day. It helps a bit but I’m still having trouble getting used to the new warping method. I spent 1 hour last night warping vocals for 16 bars. I was pissed. Hope this helps.

Ableton Live 8 Warping Tutorial

Cheers Tommy!

Shift is the secret!!!