Tv as a monitor

Hey guys,

Just a quick couple of questions.

Have any of ye ever used a hd-tv as a monitor for your laptop/pc?.. If so is the picture quality as clear as a computer monitor.

Why I ask is I’m waiting for my dvi to hdmi connection to arrive in the post and figured if it works I’m gonna use my bedroom tv as a monitor.

Now what I really wanna know is … Let’s say I hook my laptop to my tv is it possible for me to use the laptop screen as a separate monitor.

What I mean is if I have live open can I use the tv to look at the main ableton interface but hav some third party plug-INS open on the laptop screen.

I’m aware that ableton is not set up for duel scream use but I have read you can use a second screen to view third party plug-INS.

you can extend your desktop so you can use 2 screens at once so yes. I currently have 3 screens hooked up to my desktop, 2 monitors and 1 hdtv. You wont be able to hook 3 up on a laptop but I’m sure you can do 2.

The only thing is its unlikely your laptop will go to 1080p so you wont get full usage for your HD TV. 720 might not be as clear as your laptop depending on the HDTV screen size. For example my TV is 42" and my laptop look crap on it because it will only output upto 720p. My desktop look as good as my monitors as they are all 1920 x 1080p.

Cheers man.

And would you reckon I can use the laptop just to view open plug-ins while looking at the arrangement screen on the tv.

i have my pc conected to my 19" TV got rid of my monitor as it was only 17". Its conected with the same lead as i used to connect the PC to the monitor. My xbox is plugged in through the HDMI. Quality is slightly poorer i would say but not much in it. I can sometimes see a little pixilation when i’m using Ableton but other than that better than looking at the smaller 17" screen. Not sure about the other question on multipul screens. 

I have my laptop connected to my 32inch TV via a vga cable - I don’t do any production on my laptop - but generally surf and stuff - quality is fine - plus my laptop is connected to my Hifi Amp so all godd except the wires all over the room :slight_smile:

[quote]Bub (18/01/2011)[hr]Cheers man.

And would you reckon I can use the laptop just to view open plug-ins while looking at the arrangement screen on the tv.[/quote]

yes you will be able to do that with no issues

Nice one. That’s the best news iv had all week.

Cheers for the replys lads.

You can get full 1080p provided that you have the right graphics card. I have this with my laptop and constantly bring my laptop into my living room to watch movies that I downloaded, but even if you can’t get the full 1080p you really don’t need it for music production. It’s more about the space it gives you. You’re really going to be happy with it.