Two more tracks signed


Block.Punch - Tension 2.0 - signed by Block.Punch

and this

Block.Punch - RoadRunner - signed by Block.Punch

Both signed to a big label outside the UK who I approached. Really happy. Will let everyone know which label when I can and when they’ll be on sale.

Thanks again SA for your tuts and all the forum supporters.

Congrats Jon! :cool:


nice one mate :smiley:

Now your just getting greedy with your releases :smiley:

Nice one Jon I always liked those two tracks

nice Jon!!

which label?

congrats dude!

Thanks fellas. I’ll let you know more as soon as they give me the ok. :smiley:

Great success!! (spoken in a Borat voice) :smiley:

well done mate, especially liking road runner :slight_smile:

congrats man, thats brilliant!

Nice choon bro congrats . and looking forward for your release :smiley:

well done mate… great achievement


Good work pal. Like the tracks mate. When’s the release?

Thanks guys. I don’t have a date yet as I’ve only just signed the deal and sent the wavs off for mastering. Gonna be a couple of months best guess.

Here’s another one from me. Tension 2.0 is the 3rd track on the EP released by Aenaria. Out Oct. 17th

<img border=“0” src=‘/uploads/default/original/2X/e/eef6d7d79181935a929344ced69f4601b302d53c.gif’/ width=82 height=25>

conrats, good luck with it :slight_smile:

Thanks. There’ve been loads of plays on the other track - Roadrunner - from somewhere in the US. From an embedded widget I guess. No idea from where. Pretty happy about it though.

good work Jon!!! great sounding tunes! esp the top one! Nice!

Sick tracks congratulations :smiley: