Two new tracks one prog house the other a bit different

hope you enjoy these offerings, i been busy :stuck_out_tongue: feedback welcome as always :slight_smile:

Micktake by ekkobot

Beefy sambo by ekkobot

Wow you are really churning them out!

I liked both of them.ย  I think the first one was my fave though.ย  Keep em coming!ย  :slight_smile:

cheers dude :slight_smile: i been on fire since i thrown the theory out the window :slight_smile: using the old ears now :slight_smile:

i love that first one, reminds me a little of james holdens early stuff. maybe add just a hint more of reverb to space it out more, reallly cool tune!

cheers dude, yeah reverb is something i probably dont use enough of i kinda got fed up hearing the big โ€˜niceโ€™ reverbs on alot of trance and prog house stuff its a bit too much cheese on top or something, but yeah point noted :slight_smile:

i hear ya ekko, iโ€™m the same wayโ€ฆ i try and shift away from adding big ones too and then i think **** i gotta get back into it for purposes of mix depth. anyways, proper tune :slight_smile: