Two New Tracks

Been working on these two new tracks, they definately have LOADS more potential but I am just not capable in giving it what it needs (whats in my head is so different to what Ive got down :().

Anyways, feedback would be very much appreciated as always.

Track 1: Collapse

Collapse by Amjad Saeed

Track 2: End Game

End Game by Amjad Saeed

Collapse was done slightly after End Game, both originally from ages ago but never sounded right until about two weeks ago when I started properly working on them.

Sorry for End Games very long beggining :frowning:

Thanks for listening!

two nice tracks, I prefer end game, when it gets going its got a really proggy vibe to it, agree with ekko the drums could do with a kick to bring them out and give some more drive, original style in both tracks well done

Thanks for the feedback!

Honestly wish I could do more with them, but I just dont have the know how to get what I want out of em.

Will definately work on the drums, used parrallel compression for the first time on them and plenty of saturation but I dont think it worked :stuck_out_tongue:

Two nice tracks indeed. They both have good ideas and it sounds like before long you will be making some very engaging music :slight_smile:

Thanks dude, appreciate it :smiley:

Heres hoping its “not before long” and not “never at all”! :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool projects dude, you definitely have some good ideas. Enjoyed both listens.

Thanks, appreciate the comments :smiley: