Tyler Thomson - Lift Off

Hey what’s up guys, this is my first finished track for a new project I’m going to be working on. Sort of like chilled out drumstep, check it out. And check out some of my other remixes on my soundcloud while you’re at it, got some good stuff on there.

The one thing I would say is that the sounds dont seem to mesh if you understand what I mean by that?

Maybe more reverb on the track? It might make things mesh better, I find it helps a lot.

its 5.20 am here i have a can of dutch gold in one hand and a rollie in the other, this is the best track ive listened to all night, great stuff :smiley:

I take back my comment about reverb, wasnt listening carefully but its definately already there.

But I do still feel the main bass is too distorted (doesnt mesh with the rest of the track too well)… Might help to duck out some of the mids (around 650hz or so).

Another thing is I think you havent thought your Sidechaining through carefully.

That top lead doesnt need sidechaining IMO and the main bass/lead suffers from being ducked out rapidly when the kicks go fast one after the other.

Have you thought about ducking specific frequencies using the AutoFilter Sidechain feature instead of ducking the whole sound?

This might be just my opinion but the duck from a sidechain should not be noticeable unless you want it as a desirable pumping effect. Otherwise the duck should be hardly audible and only there to clean the mix…

Hi dude,

Good track, not my style but I could defo feel the groove! I think the risers aren’t flowing at the start and it sounds a little dis-jointed when the next FX come in.

I agree with Mistro the bass is ducking too much when the kick hits so it’s not really getting the right effect and it just sounds really side-chained with no resonance when it ducks, if that makes sense?

Although that could be my speakers as they are designed to be flat sounding… :hehe: