Tyler Thomson - Unparalleled

Hey Guys, this is a new track I`ve been working on, created all the sounds myself. Let me know what you think…

Well, it’s pretty impressive that you created all the sounds yourself, and it’s got the beginnings of something good. In its current form it still sounds quite ‘bare’ - I think you need to build the different sections with some more drama, but I think you posted it deliberately as a work in progress. Keep making your own sounds though - you obviously have a good ear.

When you say you’d add a little more drama to help the builds, what types of sounds would you recommend adding? Do you think i need a couple more synths to add to it, or maybe just some sound effects here and there?

Listened to that janis joplin track of yours too, pretty dope stuff

Wow! If you’ve managed to create all of those sounds yourself then kudos my man! :cool:

It sounds really clean, what synths etc did you use?

Well, house isn’t really my genre, but I think some filter sweeps, risers and drops at key points together with some ‘extended’ drop moments would really help. By this I mean prolonging the moment of the ‘drop’ to draw out expectation almost to breaking point. A great recent example of this is Excision and Downlink’s ‘Crowd Control’:

Excision & Downlink - Crowd Control - YouTube

Although of course this is a completely different genre from yours, it has a great build from 0.33 to 0.50 where they really hold back on the main drop until the track reaches absolute breaking point. Might give you some ideas?