UAD Neve 1073

Anyone got any experience of using this? It’s quite expensive, is there anything else you’d recommend that’s equally as good, but slightly cheaper; or is it really worth it?

The free plug-in is said to have some close emulations of the real thing :slight_smile:


you could try this, it got some good backing on other forums. i’ve not personally used it but gotta be worth a try if their other plug-ins are anything to go by

[url]1973 « Stillwell Audio

also these are imo the nicest sounding ones [url][/url]

Thank you. Good man.

I’ll have a look at those.

no problems, i hope it helps you. nothing worse than wasting money trying to find a plug-in you like working with

Yeah, and the UAD is a bit pricey considering it’s “just an EQ.”

I actually bought a Golden Age Pre - 73 which is an actual analog hardware preamp that is basically a replica of the Neve 1073. I think I paid $300 for it brand new. How much was the UAD version?

The plug in is $199.


I know that all digital EQs can sound the same :

But I have just bought the PSP sQuad and I really like it. I quickly tried it as a channel eq and ABed it with my original and it sounded a lot better. It isn’t so much how they sound, it is how quickly they can help you make the right choices.

Also check out the focusrite liquid mix which has eq from neve and ssl consols and a tones more ncluding massve passive added bonus is that it comes with loads of vintage compressors like 1176, dbx, ssl, etc

You can get the cheper version from £70 on eBay