Uk Breaks Tutorial


Just wondering if SA are going to release a Uk breaks/Nu breaks tutorial in the future as it would be greatly appreciated. I’m aware of the synth punk tutorial but that is not really on par with current Uk breaks. Its more like a dated prodigy single from way back.

Cheers guys and thanks for a great website…

I agree this would be much appreciated and pretty awesome to see here.

I’m not really into Breaks but would certainly like too see a tut on the method

Been looking at this all day & every single time I see it, I think it says UK Breasts tutorial.


Small and boring is it ICN? Unless your talkin bout the north… Pretty ****e here in London :frowning:

[quote]MistroPain (11/12/2011)[hr]Small and boring is it ICN?[/quote]

Stop hanging around outside primary schools then :stuck_out_tongue: :w00t::hehe:

I still cant work out what this joke is about :smiley:

+1, using Logic :slight_smile: