UK Hardcore / Freeform

It’d be interesting to see your take on UK Hardcore or Freeform. Currently, I feel like I’m at a wall in my production, I just can’t seem to achieve the same clarity of sound that I hear in professionally made tracks.

I suffer particular problem with the bass end of things, mainly because my bass is fighting with the kick (which needs to be quite prominent in this style of music).



Music of the Primes

Cube::Hard - Music Of The Primes - YouTube



Micro N2

Cube::hard - Micro N2 - YouTube

UK Hardcore:

Marc Smith & Gammer

Building Shaker

DJ Marc Smith And Gammer - Building Shaker FULL SONG - YouTube


Brisk & Ham

Angel Eyes

Brisk & Ham - Angel Eyes - YouTube

If your using Logic, then check out Dance Midi Samples & look at their Logic Templates as they have a UK Hardcore Template which is quite good & current to the Hardcore being produced today.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Too bad, I use Cubase 5. Thanks anyhow :wink: