UK Hardcore

Im not sure if i am going to get slaughtered around here requesting this style of music, but i really want to be producing hardcore. And i dont mean dutch hardcore/gabber, i mean UK hardcore (not the really cheesy hixxy/htid type stuff, stuff from producers like Darwin)


AWF038 - A - Lumin8 - Rivers Flow In You (Darwin's HU Remix) - YouTube

Darwin - Peak 1.1, Strictly For The Purist - SFTP001 - YouTube

Dj Entity - Spice - YouTube

im sure you get the idea so that should be enough clips… Ive only ever really messed about with production, but hardcore is my favourite genre and thats what i want to be producing… dont get me wrong, i will watch the trance tutorials etc, and have nearly finished the tech trance tutorial… but please, a hardcore one, will it ever happen? or does anyone know where i can find out HOW to make this music?

I got a soft spot for hardcore so you get a +1 from me!


Check out the hard dance tutorial that should be a great starting point. Also YouTube a guy called keV willow. He has alot of tutorials on this stuff the only thing is he uses flstudio but the techniques should be easily transferable. Hope this helps.

Hardcore you know the score!

I’d like this too (I’d prefer other stuff first really). I’ve been toying with the idea of making a hardcore track some time soon, for a laugh.

I used to be well into my Helter Skelter / Dreamscape stuff when I was younger. Even went to a couple of Exodus events.

I’ve got a soft spot too for Uk hardcore, Happy Hardcore and some times the cheesy stuff is the best

Tbh I love it too and definately have a soft spot for t especially chaving it up with some happy hardcore. Breeze and styles - Youre shining stuff like that it’s awesome!

- YouTube listen to the breakdown and main drop in this one mmmmmmmmm … vanguard?

Would definitely like to see a hardcore tutorial in the future. There’s almost no tutorials on making hardcore around.

Like I said search YouTube for KEV WILLOW TUTORIAL he has alot of tuts including a series on how to make a hardcore track from start to finish, he’s a good laugh too.

I would love to see a Happy Hardcore Tutorial :slight_smile: reliving my youth of Exit 15 etc with Tizer & Eddie Wray :wink:

Something along the lines of artists like “Force & Styles, DJ Hixxy, DJ Stompy, Supreme & UFO” etc… :wink:

I would love to see a tut on this love a little hardcore and would love to know how styles gets such a clean sound saying that a decent hardstyle tut would do the job as well