Ultimade Drums 2 no Rex2-Files?

Hello, I bought the Ultimade Drums 2 Complete collection and it has great samples but I don’t find Rex2-Files like in Ultimade Drums 1 for loops. That’s really sad because I like to preview the loops from my DAW browser with the correct BPM while my tracks are running but that’s not possible with only aiff files.

Thank you for answer and my english is not the best, I’m from Germany!

Hi there

What DAW are you using that does not have this functionality? most DAWs will time-stretch audio to play in time with your project

My DAW can do this, too. But not in the browser preview and not only with aiff files or wave files. It works with Rex2 and Acid files. So because there are no Rex2 I have to load every loop first in my track Arrangment to look how it works with the rest. Rex2 Files are standard in every good Sample Library and in the library Ultimate Drums 1 are such files, so why not in Ultimate Drums 2? This library ist great and has got sounds and loops.

what is the DAW?

I don’t have to tell you which DAWs I’m using. And I will not change my DAW only because here are no Rex2 Files. And I’m producing music since 20 years so you can trust me, that I no how my using DAWs working! And I have about 160 GBs samples and loop collections, too, to compare …:wink:

sure that’s ok, you do not have to tell me what you use if you do not want to, i am only trying to help and was curious what DAW does not support synced playback from the loop browser.

Unfortunately, there are no REX files in Ultimate Drums 2 - the contents of the pack is listed on the main page Ultimate Drums 2 | Sounds

synced playback works in my DAW, too, with Rex2 and Acid Files and perhaps with Apple Loops, too, I will try this later. And yes, there are no Rex2 Files listed in the Ultimate Drums 2 content but because I bought Ultimate Drums 1, which has Rex2 Files and Rex2 are standard since years …

Hi @JohnK Chris here, I oversaw the creation of Ultimate Drums 1 & 2 and after research, I very much felt with most DAWs now supporting synced playback that there was a declining use for Rex2 files. The loops are aiff-c meaning they are both AIFF and apple looped, You can simply drag and drop the folders onto the loop browser in LPX - if indeed you use LPX. Ableton will sync the playback. Hope this helps !

Thank you both for help!

I will try with Apple loops later. But really Rex2 files are industrial standard since years and mostly I only work with them since years because the most sample / loop collections have them and Ultimate Drums 1 has them, too!

So, I tried it and it doesn’t work really good. Sometimes it adjusts to the Main BPM if the sequencer is running but then it pitches the loop preview. So I’m sorry but for me this great loops are useless. The only solution for me is to reduce the track BPM to the loops BPM and that’s not really funny. Rex2 files would the standard because they are working in every or the most DAWs since many years …

What DAW are you using?

It has nothing to do with my DAW! And you should know that not all people always uses the newest DAW versions because if you want to work straight you need a version without bugs. And I will never changing my DAW using because of one Sample Collection without Rex2 Files. The next time I will look before I buy and if there no Rex2 files, I won’t buy

:thumbsup: sorry we can’t be of any more help

That’s no problem, I can’t hely you, too! If you’re creating loops in a format which is not compatible with every DAW, not everybody can use and buy them! And by the way I searched in my huge Sample folder and every big Sample offerer offers Rex2 Files. Perhaps you can ask them why! If you like, I can make a list about them for you if it helps? :wink:

I tried with other Apple Loops from another collection I bought from another offerer, this collections includes Rex2 Files, too :slight_smile:! And with this apple files I have the same problem. So it seems that the problem is, that I’m using a Windows 7 system? Perhaps you could create 2 versions in the future, one for Apple users and one for Windows users? I think the better soluition would be to create Rex2 files, because they are working with Apple and Windows systeims! :laughing:

There is no end with problems with this loop files. If I load them in a song project and change the BPM of the song, this files here don’t stretch automatically because their slice regions won’t regognize, only the original BPM will recognize. But my secret DAW is clever and gives me the option to change format slice regions recognizing and if I try with ACID region recognizing, the slice regions of that loops will appear and stretch to the rest.

Finally, for me it’s easier to work with them like with waves in a slicer plugin so really sorry, but that’s a no go!

Workaround if somebody has the same or similar problems:

Step 1:
If that loops don’t preview with the correct BPM tempo and / or pitch in your BPM browser, change the BPM of the whole song project to their original BPM:

  • 124 BPM UD2 House
  • 125 BPM UD2 Techno
  • 128 BPM UD2 Progressive
  • 128 BPM UD2 Tech House

Step 2:
If that loops will not stretch automatically you have to check if their regions will recognize. If not try different format algorithmen if your DAW gives you that option.

Step 3:
If not load them like simple waves in a slice plugin. That works because their original BPM is include

You see, I’m a really helpful user! :wink: