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Ultimate ANA Bundle

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The Ultimate ANA Preset Bundle is here - Over 1000+ Presets all combined into one pack. Buy them as a bundle and save over 9 GBP / 14 USD

6 X Preset Packs for ANA

Preset Pack Volume 1
200 8 Bit, Main Room House, Progressive, Classic Analog, Complextro and Dubstep

Preset Pack Volume 2
200 Basses, Chors, Leads, Pads, Plucks, Synths and FX

Preset Pack Volume 3
220 Bass, Leads, Stabs, FX, Plucks and Pads
Deep House Bass / Organs and Stabs

Preset Pack Volume 4
128 Presets - Adam Ellis Pure Trance Collection

Preset Pack Volume 5
128 Presets EDM Essentials

Preset Pack Volume 6
128 Progressive Trance Presets by Bluffmunkey and Aiyn Zahev

hi ,i have the pack 2 and 3,how can i get the rest toghether??

Hi @landor sadly not, this is the only ANA bundle we do.

Hope this helps.



very nice!!!

dose this presets works with a.n.a 2

Hi. This pack is for ANA 1 only and not ANA 2

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Hi This pack work with ANA 2 too?

@ajosousa nope, ANA Presets don’t work with ANA 2

If you own ANA 2, refer to this page for Presets Packs :

I downloaded it today.
It cannot be used in ana2.
What should I do?


This bundle include A.N.A 1.5 Presets packs only and are not compatible with ANA 2 plugin unfortunately.

Please shoot an email to support mailto:customerservice@sonicacademy.com with your account Username and a copy of your Receipt for Charge and they will sort this out with you :wink: