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Sonic Academy is proud to present Ultimate Drums 2, the Ultimate collection of tools every producer should have…

Over 1200+ Professional drum samples and loops including kits for Ableton Live Drum Racks, Logic Pro EXS24 as well as our very own KICK plugin.

Our Ultimate Drums 2 Sample Packs are a massive collection of single drum sounds, loops and kits, meticulously reverse engineered from the best sounding tracks in their genres.

Choose from hundreds of Kicks, Claps, Snares and Percussion in each pack, all bundled with over 380 loops in RAW AIFF and Apple Loops format.

Download contains:

960 x One Shot Drum Hits
270 x Drum Loops
Ableton Live Drum Rack Packs
EXS24 Kits
KICK Presets

Available formats:

Ableton Live Drum Rack, EXS24, AIFF, Apple Loops

Hi Sonic Academy,

I’m sorry to ask the question again but I wanted to be sure that the bundle of Ultimate Drums 2 will work on my machine. I use Cubase pro on PC which supports only VST format plug-ins while I noticed that the Ultimate Drums using RAW AIFF and Apple Loops format only.

Please advise.


The three different folders containing apple loops, Rex and Aiff all contain the same loops. You just need to use the aiff folder. You can also use the .Rex files if you have a copy of propeller heads ‘recycle’ - but they are the same loops in those folders, just different formats!
Hope this helps


Absolutely love this! Don’t think there’s a track i haven’t used UD2 with.

nice !!!

purchased kick2 installed in default folder, purchased ud2 prog house pack, installed kick presets it but wont show up, even if i try load one preset nothing happens, studio one 4 pro, windows 10

Hey there @andy420

Checking the Product page and description, it looks to me that all sub-genre UD2 packs includes only presets for the first version of the Kick Plugin, those presets are not compatible with KICK 2.

I can only see a mention of “Kick 1/2” Presets on the Ultimate Drums 2 Complete Pack, the “Progressive House” pack mentions only Kick presets, not KICK 2 ones.

i only wanted the prog pack with the kick presets as its prog i’m in to and learning to produce so it would be a waste of money buying ud2 complete , thank you for letting me know.

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Am I correct that there‘s no plain old .wav download option?


The Ultimate Drums Complete sample packs includes audio files in .AIF format, this can be converted to .WAV with the free AUDACITY audio editor if needed, but many DAWs will handle .AIF audio files with drag & drop.

Hope this helps !

Cheers :wink:

Thanks @Tekalight In my case it‘s a hardware groovebox and it only supports .wav, so I‘d have to convert. I hope I can batch convert and preserve folder structure, otherwise this may be a bit too much trouble. :slight_smile:
Just curious, are wavs not included to save disk space or what‘s the reason?

Batch convert should be possible using what’s referred as “macros” with Audacity I believe.


A combination of saving disk space and the file being originally produced on a Mac I would say.

Might worth it to maybe check the Hardware manufacturer website or dedicated forums for best practice workflow and specific tips, you never know, some users may have a better solution :wink: