Ultimate Drums and Push

Hi, I’ve just bought UD Prog and am very happy with the sounds. I am having trouble getting the drum racks to work properly with Ableton Push.br
I can only highlight a drum pad from the Mac and not directly from Push.br
I’m sure its just a setting somewhere, I just can’t find it.br
Any help appreciatedbr

Is push working ok with other samples you input? Have tried switching different pad banks?

Yes , its working fine if I load up a drum rack with kicks, hats snares etc manually.br
It’s just the pre made racks that came with the UD Progressive pack don’t work as normal.br
Also, all the velocities are at 0% when you load up a rack, you have to go through and raise them all individually in order to get the velocities to work in a MIDI clip.br
It’s not really a problem to be honest, just an inconveniencebr

I’m not sure why the kits armt working… Do they work with a standard keyboard controller.br
You can right click velocity and copy value to siblings will copy the parameter to all.

They work fine on my MIDI keyboard, its just the Push.br
As I said, its not really a problem. It only takes a few minutes to load up a rack with my own samples.br
Great site and fantastic tutorials.br
Keep up the excellent work.