Ultimate drums

any plans to offer a discount to subscribers for ultimate drums? they sound really good…

[quote]cosmic_artistry (19/12/2012)[hr]any plans to offer a discount to subscribers for ultimate drums? they sound really good…[/quote]

Same question here…thanks! :slight_smile:

yeah we have now discounted it now for subscribers!

We will put something together for you guys to balance the universe out… will email all the pre discount purchasers shortly and let them know what their special prize is.

YAY!! thanks!!

TBH, U get all the Packs for 34.99pounds for the quality and everything in it i think it super cheap.

I got the pack like an hour after the release im so happy with it! Best BUY They could have charges like 34 per pack for non subscribers and still get away with it!

But they put it up for 35 for all so i think they are well deserved of that sum of money for all that work. They said they worked on it fo 8 months so…

Well anyway thats just my opinion.

Yeah thats the thing with the sonic academy guys they deliver quality for a good price. Lets face it some of the other learning sites and what they offer are vastly overpriced in my opinion thats why i joined here.

I’ll be honest and say that they’ve probably under priced these packs considering what sample libraries charge for theirs.

However, I just bought Maschine so my pennies are spent this month.

I just purchased the samplepack and these samples are so much better than vengeance ones. Nice job SA.

Just bought the full pack of Ultimate Drums. For just over £30 it’d be rude not to!!! :smiley:

Let us know what you think!

and if you have moment leave a wee review @ KRV and help spread the love!

I am thoroughly impressed with these sample packs! The price you pay for the quality pushes these up there with some of the other packs I got (such as Waves Alchemy and Sample Magic).

I paid for them yesterday and got to sit down today to try em out for the first time. Check out this groove I got going with the pack. I dig it! (all the drums and percussion is the Sonic Academy Ultimate Drums)