Ultrabeat - Exporting into arrange window

I was experimenting with Logic 9’s Ultrabeat, using the drag and drop kit.

I’ve seen people use it to paste in a drum loop and use the velocity section to control the start point of the drum loop. I took this a step further, way off the track even. I imported a vocal and used the same method (velocity height = start point), it seems to work really well, producing a great glitch version of the vocal, in time with my Bongo section. However, I need to know how get the audio on to my arrange window, without recording externally.

Any ideas anyone, I probably haven’t explained to well and probably shouldn’t be abusing drum machines like this, someone will report me!

Do you know how to drag a drum pattern from UB onto the Sequencer Arrange Page in Logic? Its on the very bottom left hand side - it says “Pattern”.

Grab it - Drag it over onto the UB Channel you are using.

Turn UB off using the “Power button” on the UB GUI.

Solo the UB Channel.

Maybe copy it out for 8 bars or 16 or whatever… Just incase it glitches or distorts at start of recording, you can chop the best part after.

Decide whether you want the fx that you might have on the channel with the audio? or add to it later? If you want a dry file - turn you fx off. Make sure nothing is clipping before you bounce.

Hit bounce.

It definitely helps if you name it with Key & Tempo as well!! :cool:

Select add to audio bin as you’re saving.

Drag Audio over onto Arrange.

Done. :hehe: