Ultrabeat (why cant i edit midi parts once they have been separated by pitch note)

Hi there i absoluetly love you guys youve got me started with production high 5 gos to you! but why is it i cant edit or add to my drum patterns after i have seperated my notes by pitch?


How’s it goin Ainz… Welcome & congrats one the 1st post! LOL :smiley:

Maybe I’m just too tired right now… but I dont understand your Q.

Can you be more specific? How are you trying to edit them?

Within UB or on the Main arrange?

Are you talking about editing the Midi Pattern? or the actual Sounds/Parameters?

Hi there thanks for replying yeh im trying to add notes into them on the main arrangment window just extra notes to add on build ups.

Hi Guys,

Had a look at this, drag your pattern across to the arrange window, go to MIDI - separate MIDI events - note pitch. Logic will demix out the midi regions. Go back to UB and ensure that it is powered off. Go in a edit the notes, should work fine. If not, let me know. Tested here and working.


Dont know if my reply is going to be far too simple now after Chris’

If you are just trying to add notes mate…

Open up your midi on the arrange - hopefully you’re dragging them over… let us know if you dont know how… :slight_smile:

When you are in the piano roll for that midi - go into tool icons and select the pencil… you can then draw in whatever extra notes you like. Also, if you hit Escape, it’ll open up the tool menu & you can select whatever you need.

You can select and drag & copy while holding Apple C & just paste by Apple V.

Go down to he transport bar at the bottom of the main page (where te BPM etc… is.) & where it says 16 & pull it up & down to get different grid resolutions in your midi file, so you can do 32’s and triplets etc…

mucho gracious!!