Un-mappable parameters in Ableton?

So, I have discovered that if you want to map the swing parameters in the groove pool, you need to route everything through the global amount parameter. What if I wanted just the random or the timing parameter of one groove selection from the entire groove pool?

Also, I would like the option to automate the parameter in an audio file pictured here…

Why does Ableton make it difficult to do this?


I think it is because these shouldn’t be changed whilst playing live. If you want to change the sample like this it should be done inside a sampler (or simpler).


Maybe, Ant.

But I’ve discovered some really neat textures if one just changes the parameter in the picture. Sounds that move in a way that would be really difficult to achieve otherwise.


Maybe adjust it live and resample it?

Yeah that is pretty much what I had to do with one idea to at least get it working. Perhaps that should go in the “wishlist” bin over at Ableton…haha!


The title of this thread sounds like a job for Lara Croft :smiley: