Unable to authorize Kick 2

Same problem with my Kick 2. bought it today after the demo.
After reinstalling everything i typed in my account data in the “Connect to your account” Task. No matter which Daw. it says everytime: "Authorization failed. Try again to enter your purchase data or contact Sonic Academy if you have problems to register. "

Hey there @ghostgolem

I have moved your post to a new topic in the “Technical Support” category, please don’t use older existing topic on the forums, especially when it comes to technical issues with Plug-ins, it really doesn’t make it easy for follow up, thank you :wink:

If you’ve installed the demo before, try to follow this manual uninstal procedure from the support page, then reboot your computer, make sure to get a fresh Kick 2 download from your user account, unzip the archive and perform a new installation.

You don’t need to download any license to authorize Kick 2, authorization is made online by entering your S.A account information. Upon successful authorization, you should see your computer listed under the “My Devices” tab from your S.A account page.

Report back if you’re still having issue then, but please specify your system specs like OS type and version + DAW & version that you’re using, thank you :wink:

Cheers !

Thanks for the quick response!

it is the newest version on Mac 10.15.7. Catalina.
My Daw is the newest Logic pro x version.

I also tried to authorize it in Luna on the mac.
Same problem there.

But i tried the same thing on my Windows Pc.
I installed the Cubase Elements Demo and installed Kick 2 in there. Its the same problem there.
After typing in my Account data, there is the same error message: „Authorization failed. try again or connect to support…“

i really didnt made a mistake in Installing and uninstalling.

Sometimes when you’ve installed the demo before, some left over files stay on the computers and they could cause issues, that’s why I recommended to follow the manual uninstall procedure before doing a new installation.

If this doesn’t help, then of course it can mean that there’s a licensing issue at S.A website end, in this case it’s not possible to solve this via the forums, please open a support ticket with S.A.

I will point them to this as well, I’ve just seen another member reporting a similar issue with Kick 2 authorization on a different MacOS version.

For S.A team : @bryan_spence & @phil_johnston could it be something wrong with new licenses not yet functional, there’s also another user reporting the same issue after another new Kick 2 purchase. If Bryan could please have a look into this, thank you guys :wink:


Checking the other post reporting a similar issue, I’ve seen that S.A team has performed a reset on the Licensing Server, could you please try to authorize again and let us know if it now works ? Thank you :wink:

Ouh yes. Great! It worked.
Thank you for that.
very fast support.
Its now activated in full version.


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All good then :smile:

Great to read that this is now solved & thanks for your feedback, enjoy your new Kick 2 :wink:

Cheers & have a nice weekend !

I’m having the same issue here. can’t authorize my purchase in FL studio. Pretty Frustrating. Having the exact same issue as this guy.

How did you fix it Ghostgolem?

Please help me out.

Hi There,

Is it possible you could help me out as well? I’m trying to activate my account in kick2 vst, having the exact same issue, haven’t used the demo, just bought it right away since i need it for my kick making process.

Once i entered my credentials, to activate the key, it say’s "Authorization failed. Try again to enter your purchase data or contact Sonic Academy if you have problems to register. "

after that i can’t try to login anymore. Then i thought it would be nice to get an offline key, this isn’t working on your website (i get a blank page when i enter my key from kick 2 into the website).

I really really want to use this plugin, so hopefully you could help me out too like you did for this guy. Thanks in advance.

greetings, Justin.

can you go to your my account page on sonic
you need to create your username

You should be interrupted and asked to do that

Your email address is also unconfirmed, you need to confirm that (you should have an email)

I’m curious though - you shouldn’t be able to manage your devices or access that page until your username is created - are you able to currently?

Hi There,

it’s weird right? i keep getting that question. but when i do create a username, i get a blank page. Aswell as when i’m trying to confirm my email adres.

Somehow i’m unable to do that through your site. i tried 6 times (got 6 confirmation emails because i asked to resend them).

it’s still not working…

Looking forward for your help.

Thanks so much.

if you’d like you could check it with me through screensharing or discord voicechat.

It’s really hard to get into the site.

I’m using:

Fl studio

ok i did push some changes on the site today, let me just check to see if i can spot your errors

Hi Bryan,

Sorry for taking your time… The first thing i always ask everybody: “Have you tried another browser?”

It was the firefox browser. It didn’t work on it. I tried the microsoft edge and all of a sudden it worked. Somehow Firefox is blocking the next page. Not that technical…

But it worked out for me. It’s registered.

OffTopic findings:

*When you wrongfully type your password, a yellow bar pops up (with white text) that you didn’t fill in the credentials properly. I would change the yellow bar or the font collor
*Offline license key gathering isn’t working properly (tried this on firefox earlier). It also gives a blank page after filling in the code from KICK 2 to the website.

Thanks for the quick responses and let me know if you want to know more about these errors. Like i said, i could show you through screensharing, so you could see the problem.

Have a good evening.


its definitely a bug i’ve introduced when transitioning the forums - i’m deploying a fix for you now, give me 5 minutes

so i’ve just pushed that, if you can try setting your username for me again

I already set my username, i don’t think i can do it again.

I did it through microsoft edge, wich worked for me.

Your account seems to be correctly setup now and your email address confirmed.

Are you now able to activate KICK 2 with your account Username + Password ?

For info : if needed you can change your Account Username in your Account Settings by clicking on the ‘Edit Profile’ link under your account name & picture.

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thanks for the help. it’s all setup now.

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Cool ! :sunglasses: