Unable to stream vids

Hi all,

I’m a subscriber, and up to now I’ve had no problem whatsoever in viewing the excellent vids on the site. However today I’ve tried to get into a few and I keep getting an error message saying something like “Unable to stream. Error 200” plus a load of other techie speak.

It may be that it’s a problem with my internet connection because almost every site that I’ve visited today that has required me to enter my password has promptly gone into ‘slower than a snail’ mode as soon as I’ve put my password in. :pinch: I’ve run a virus scan just in case but it’s coming up all clear.

Any ideas anyone? I’m missing my Sonic fix. :crying:



try using a different web browser like IE Fire Fox Chrome etc


are you uploading or downloading on your network? this can cause your internet to slow up and can cause problems with authenticating your video links.

Hi all,

Thanks for the replies. Well, I went to bed in a strop because I couldn’t stream any of the vids. The following morning I went up the road to get some milk and at the top of our road I saw a BT van. My guess is that we had phone line problems because everything had returned to normal about half an hour after I saw the BT van.

Normality has been restored! :smiley: Yeeehaw!!!