Unable to watch tutorials on iPad (4th Generation)

Hi guys,

I’m experiencing an issue where I am unable to watch the tutorials on my iPad (4th Generation), running iOS 10.3.3.

I am able to play these fine on my MacBook Pro or iPhone, only the iPad causing issues.

Any video I select will load for a few seconds then freeze.

Any ideas please?



certain older models are showing weird playback issues - we had this the other day, but now appears to play fine, can you confirm whether you still have the issue?

Hi Bryan, I checked this again but still seeing the issue.

Have tried clearing the safari browser cache etc but no joy.

Works fine on iPhone but I’m having same issues on iPad. Loads for a few seconds (basically intro) then freezes. Any ideas why this is or how to fix it. As I said iPhone 7 works fine.

I am also having this issue.

Hi there

we are currently investigating the issue related to ios 10.3.3 devices with our video provider