Scott + lorddarthfader have got to be one and the same person? :smiley:

Eh… Joining us late in the game here Rob… better late than never! :slight_smile:

Late :wink:

But i’m not Scott. I’m Graham Ginty.

No, I’m Ginty.

[quote]ICN (17/02/2011)[hr]No, I’m Ginty.[/quote]

You’re obviously deluded… it’s quite disturbing you think you are me.

I am Ginty

me too

No I am Ginty, and so is my wife

Scott isnt Ginty

[quote]slender (17/02/2011)[hr]No I am Ginty, and so is my wife[/quote]

lmao, nice one centurian, like it, like it

No no no you’re all wrong…

I AM Ginty!

they made a movie about this…

GINTY: The Movie ???


[quote]Roben (18/02/2011)[hr]GINTY: The Movie ???


That too…


I’m confused :crazy:

[quote]slender (18/02/2011)[hr]I’m confused :crazy:[/quote]


[quote]Mussi81 (18/02/2011)[hr][quote]slender (18/02/2011)[hr]I’m confused :crazy:[/quote]


Nah I paid roben for a backstreet consultation so thats all sorted now -only cost me a tenner too :slight_smile:

He got a little extra too since he’s my most regular customer :wink:

I know this is off topic, but Roben I’ve been meaning to ask you who did your website? I really like it and mine looks like shiite since I have no idea what I’m doing.:smiley: