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Effects with Protoculture

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Protoculture’s back with us for this week’s course and this time he’s taking an in-depth look into the world of effects.

All of us use them in our tracks, but in this fascinating course Nate takes a closer look and breaks down what our go-to plugins are actually doing to the sounds, giving us the knowledge to use the right effect for the job.

Thanks to his extensive plugin arsenal Nate demonstrates how different effect plugins - whether it be delays, distortions, pitch shifting or spatial effects - can create very different end results in getting that all important variety and interest into your tracks.

Aimed at all abilities this is an awesome course that’ll give you a better understanding of what that plugin you always drop on to your channel is actually doing.

A must for all producers out there!

Super Look!
I love your cap and your white t-shirt. Thank you, it’s a great idea for my next photo. Wow!

Thanks man

Great refresher course!

Thanks! It’s good to know that the basic principles behind these FX can be understood fairly easily, which surely will help in putting them to good use. It made me curious to hear more.
The course felt pretty fast-paced (no time wasting at all), which I really like.
-Practical question: is there a way to imitate the effect of Sausage Fattener with these FX?

Sausage Fattener afaik is just a saturation box… you’ll get similar if not better results with stuff like Black Box HG2, Decapitator, even the XL dial found on a lot of the Brainworx plugins like their limiter.

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