Understanding - EQ / 271

In this Sonic Academy EQ extravaganza, we will work through the principles of the often misunderstood world of EQ. From the basic filter types and controls to the use of Mid Side EQ and real world mixing examples.


Get to know the difference between low pass and high shelving filters and get a visualisation of how you should structure EQ in your mixing.


Seems like there are some mixing issues between Chris and the music. When speaking, my volume display shows it never goes passed 50% volume but the music pushes it pretty close to 100%. Isn't this the exact kind of thing that shouldn't be screwed up?

Can you explain a little further? Perhaps give a video number a time in that video when this happens. Not sure I understand what you mean fully.

It seems to only be the youtube videos. The last like 10 seconds are extremely loud. The first image in the imgur album is the *max* of your voice (often times half that volume), but the second image is average for the music - http://imgur.com/a/4n5Q4 - another way to phrase it: I had to turn up the volume to hear your voice in the first 2 videos, but then the music that is used at the beginning and end is very loud.

I was trying to sit back and watch them all in a row but every time a video ended, that music was just blasting. It seems to only be an issue with the first two videos as the others don't feature the same song.

A basic course but useful none the less. I'd really like to see a course like this that goes in depth on all the other processing on the channels and buses that compliment the EQ to get a really good mixdown. The tracks i hear on SA from the users have some great ideas but the problems are generally in the clarity of the mixing and a lack of focus on the important parts of the track.

Looks good. Could you please make a tutorial on layering synths and
samples and the EQ'ing that goes into that. I enjoyed the Ilan Bluestone
interview that Chris Agnelli did, and would love to get inside the
process of "layering". Could you guys do something like that?.


Check out the Layering synths tech tips

Hey Jimmy,
Thanks for the feedback, this is an intro to EQ for those that don't know where to really start with the subject. I think what you are talking about is an in-depth mixing course which we are planning for later this year.

Hi Rakielis, have check here in the studio and all seems fine here, it would be common practice to 'upsound' the bed at the start and end of the videos, however I think you find this a little loud for your taste - so will note this for next time. I also would really trust those meters, they would be displaying very average peak signals rather than a completely accrue one.

Cheers Chris, glad to know it's on the horizon!

Fair enough. I love the content you guys make though, a ton. It's super helpful and very well structured. I know EQ well but I watch everything just in case you have new tips :D

One thing to add on the topic of volumes, Josh Mas made a similar observation last month. http://www.sonicacademy.com/Tr...

I also really liked seamless, except for the bit with FM synth where he doesn't really explain how it works. I'd watch a whole session focused on just FM synth one shots similar to what he made. I've watched the FM beginner course you guys have and I crave more crazy sounds.

Another great turtorial, thanks alot :D

Another tutorial where videos are not playable :(

all working fine for me... where are you located? what is your connection speed?

I am located in united states and I use high speed broadband. I am able to play most videos on this site but there r some videos like this one (from 3rd video to be precise) where the player frame loads but I see 'This video is unavailable' message

Have you another browser you could try to see if its a cache problem?

I tried it on IE and Firefox browsers and I reset the cache before I tried. Attached the screenshot

Are you signed in on any other computers? If you are it will sign you out on the computer you are currently watching.

no. I am able to watch other tutorials without any issues. It is this tutorial and 'How to use Ableton Push' that I have problems with

This is great guys! Does this also involve mixing/placing all sounds in a virtual 3d space? (hardwell said in a masterclass you should approach your mix as a 3d box)