Understanding - FM Synthesis 101 / 397

In the 2nd part of our Synthesis 101 range we take a look FM Frequency Modulation.

We take the core elements of FM Synthesis and show how they are used to make up this unique sound.

Covering everything from how the sound is generated with oscillators and modulators, what exactly a sideband is and how it is created, manipulating the sound with envelopes and creating complicated evolving patches using more than 1 modulator.

Finally just to finish up we take some common FM sounds and show you how to recreate them using Ableton Lives Operator VST, but you should be able to apply the same principles to any FM Synthesiser.

Just finished this course, good info, thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tutorial, very informative and successful. Especially I like the part about “Sidebands” and “FM Bells” !!!