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FM Synthesis with King Unique

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Join Matt Thomas (King Unique) as he demystifies one of the most powerful, yet often misunderstood studio tools.. FM Synthesis


FM is a beast to get to grips with.. but here Matt lays down the foundations by giving us a bit of background history on the technology before covering all the most common parameters and functions of FM and finishing with some sound design examples. Using Ableton Live's Operator, all of the learning outcomes and core concepts in this course can be easily applied to any modern FM synth such as FM8, FL’s Sytrus and even Logic's basic EFM1 or Retro synths.


Well explained and easy to understand, after this FM shouldn’t be that scary thing you shy away from anymore, but a major weapon you can now add to your production arsenal. Just check out the sound examples in the last video to see how powerful, deep and phat FM can be. 


This tut was much needed.

Great tutorial. King Unique has a great teaching style. After watching this yesterday, I found myself feeling inspired and explored Ableton's Operator late into the evening with a more directed approach rather than simply twiddling about. This is very good stuff to set you about digging further into FM synths.

nice course, But the voice let me want to sleep, i need to drink lot of coffee to watch this course.

very educational

in video 2 he says “if you’ve watched the previous video about subtractive synthesis” where do i find this video

i think he is referring to Understanding Subtractive Synthesis - A Beginners Guide | Tutorial 01 - Introduction

Man you really are King Unique, great lesson, thank you

Great introduction to FM Synthesis! Very clear explanation of the way you can build sounds with FM synthesis.
Thanks very much!

good course, great teacher.

Excellent - Logically well laid out from start to finish. Explained a complex topic in an easy to understand way. Lots of examples at every step of the way. Clearly tutor knows his stuff which comes across in a laidback way. Nice pace. Makes me feel like I’m ready to pull up my sleeves and get stuck in to getting my FM hands dirty. Well done thank you!

Great course. One of the best tutor in this academy. Thank you!

Clear and well explained

very good!! muy bueno

King Unique is a unparalled teacher… I’ve been watching all his tutorials and went from 0 to a lot in sound design theory thanks to him… But I couldn’t help noticing he struggles a lot breathing thorugh his nose, I would look for a ENT If I were him :slight_smile:

broken nose twice as a kid - this is as good as it gets :wink:

Great course from King Unique, as usual. He makes learning fun and easy.

One thing I would be interested in FM, Additive and Subtractive synthesis, is a course (or one for each) on recreating natural instruments. I think that would give me a good foundation creating original sounds as I would have a better understanding of how to achieve certain types of timbres that I might want to start from, or add to; focusing on breaking a sound down into components, and waveforms, envelopes and harmonics. It’s great to fiddle and discover new sounds, but it can also be time-wasting figuring out an idea you already have in your head if you have little idea where to start.

ie. sines are good for bass, odd harmonics are good for bells, even harmonics for organs, do you want it breathy like a flute, bowy like a violin, brassy… I got a little bit of that. I want more :slight_smile:

One of the best course on FM synthesis!

Very valuable lesson, bringing clarity to a difficult-to-grasp topic. Thank you King Unique, your synth lessons are amazing – clear, useful, and easy to follow, with laugh-out-loud comic moments to keep things lively.

FM Synthesis redux: “THESE make THOSE go wibbly.”