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Granular Synthesis

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So you’ve heard of Granular Synthesis and you may well have used Granular Synthesis in your tracks but do you know what’s actually going on when you hear that distinctive sci-fi or ambient sound it can produce?

Well, look no further as synth royalty King Unique is back to take an in-depth look at where it all started, what’s happening to the audio, and the terminology used, so you can master this epic form of synthesis to get sounds unavailable elsewhere to use in your tracks.

Once you’ve got to grips with Granular, you can create some amazing effects or merge it with your more recognised subtractive synth sounds to create unique patches that will raise your sound design bar up a notch.

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Sadly, yet again, no subtitles :frowning: When will people learn to cater for a wider audience?

Waldorf Iridium is one of the hardware synths that has a very interesting implementation of granular, and the touch screen lets you play with the parameters, although, admittedly, the knobs give you better control…

Another awesome course from King Unique

Very interesting. Loved the history lesson in the first episode. Gabor - very funny!



good to know

Liked the introductory history lesson

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Truly wonderful course, King… Unique indeed!

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Welcome aboard on the forums and thanks for your comment ! :sunglasses: