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Subtractive Synthesis

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Join sound designer Bluffmunkey as he breaks down subtractive synthesises to it's component parts, showing you what makes subtractive synthesis unique, and how to get the most out of the synths you own. This is the perfect way to start truly understanding subtractive synthesis and sound design.


Marry this with our fourth coming series on each of the major softsynths, new and unique sounds will now be only a few knob turns away. Covering everything from oscillator types, filters and envelopes to modulating your sounds using LFO's and modulation envelopes, there's nothing you won't know about subtractive synthesis after this!


Finally just to finish up we take 4 key elements - Drums, Bass, Leads, and pads and textures, with Bluffmunkey showing you how to go about constructing each of these sounds.



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great tutorial . keep the good work guys

Fantastic! One of the best tutorials I have seen lately on the fundamentals of sound design. TGFSA (Thank God for Sonic Academy)!

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Sería genial que hicieran tutoriales también en español

A very good tutorial!! Another great app I can recommend for people new to subtractive synthesizers is Syntorial. Its a program that teach you all elements in how to program a synthesis in a practical way as the app has a built in synth. Its definitely worth the money even if it can look a bit pricy at first.

This course is Awesome! I have ANA synth and now I’m making great trance sounds! thank you mate!

I think I might be learning to much on this here website, great course!

This course is great for a beginner like me. It gets straight to the point. But also explains things simply. And Bluffmonkey’s teaching flow is easy to follow. You might have to rewatch a chapter once or twice to really understand, but its not a drag since the videos aren’t long and wordy. And i love the really world examples. I suggest you pause the video and follow along to really nail it home.

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very good

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Thank you for this. It helps so much understanding the basics.

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Simply one of the best synthesis tutorials out there. Thank you Bluff Monkey

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Thanks guys. Glad you found it useful.

Thanks. This helped me a lot.

came here fro a refresher course in synths and just got one. Nicely done.

grate tutorials, especially for me as a beginner In sound design this Is a goldmine.

very good detail.

Thanks a lot, great job!