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Understanding Distortion

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Protoculture’s back this week and taking a deep dive into Understanding Distortion.

Not just a tool to add grit and harshness to a sound, there are many uses for distortion for our sounds and mix. Over the course of these tutorials, we look at the different types of distortion, analysing how they affect our waveforms, and how best to apply this effect to our advantage.

A super useful course that once you recognise and are aware of what is happening to your audio, you can make elements come forward in the mix and have a bigger and better impact on the listener.

Check it out!

Thank you Nate! Excellent technical explanations and demos.

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Nice ! I subscribe Soon to Sonic Academy :soon: to pass to the next level !

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Very nice one indeed!

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this class is insanely good wow

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Welcome to the forums and thanks for your comment ! :sunglasses:

Wow, thank you for demystifying the subject! Very nicely explained,Nate!

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