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Understanding Modular Synthesis

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Matt aka King Unique is back, and he’s been given the daunting task of the seemingly impossible as he tackles Understanding Modular Synthesis!

Do not fear because this course, in conjunction with others on the site ( especially How To Use VCV Rack 2 ) will help you get to grips with this amazing and endless form of synthesis!

So if you’re looking to get into the real hands-on, incredibly satisfying, and often expensive experience of modular hardware or just dipping your toe and looking to go down the semi-modular or virtual route, there really is no better time to give it a go - and who better to guide you through it than synth royalty!

Check it out! And as King Unique says - ‘It’s Wibble Time!’

Matt, loved this one thanks. Question regarding Stoermelder-P1/CVMap - is there something else available for VCV Rack 2? I can’t find it in the library and the forums seem to suggest it was available for VCV Rack 1 but hasn’t come across to version 2. Cheers, Tim

Glad you found it useful Tim. From memory I got the version 2 compatible build from here, you just install it manually into your VCV modules library -

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