Unison detune blend/mix

The unison detune shape and speed controls are great, but I’d also like a separate control to mix/blend the level of the unison notes relative to a main note. Specifically, I would like to have eight notes unison with seven unison notes and one main note playing simultaneously, but be able to turn down the level of the seven unison notes in relation to the eighth note to create a different unison sound.br
This is obviously possible already using multiple instances of ANA, having them all on the same wave form, sending the same midi data to them all, panning them and detuning them individually by hand, and then turning down all but one, but it would be super great to have this inside ANA so I don’t have to have a crazy wall of ANAs going for one sound. My super saws will thank you.

You can just use 2 oscs one for detune one for the stable note.br
I do it all the time.br
You can also put the stable one on retrig to get a punchier sound.

Yeah, I was just wanting another way to do it without tying up a second oscillator for the same sound, but that’s a good alternative. Thanks.