Unpleasant distortion in the sub oscillator


we have detected a distortion generated in the sub oscillator that makes its plugin useless. This distortion is clearly seen by turning off the other two oscillators and in most samples. The distortion is like a residual resonance, like a vibration of some element of the room or when the chime of a speaker is broken. We have done tests with different listeners (headphones and studio monitors) we have tried different configurations of the plugin, turning off the eq, the limiter, the compressor and lowering the output level of the suboscillator to not saturate the signal, but the distortion remains in all samples and configurations. You can also hear that nasty distortion in the free tutorials on your website.
We love your software well above other similar ones, but because of this it is unusable for its use, please be kind enough to tell us what is happening?

Hey @charliem First up, are we talking about Kick 2 here? We can assure that there is no distortion in the sub osc, so can you send us a video with sound and we can look at your settings and check this for you. Could be that you have harmonics in the sub OSC dialled in???