**update ana v1.01 out now**

Download now from your MY Account page.

Sonic Academy ANA Version History

ANA 1.01


Optimisation of Presets and 32 bit Plugin should give most users better CPU usage.


Fixed 32bit plugin issues on x64 machine

Fixed x64 Crashes when selecting categories

Fixed GUI closing bug

Saving license file to desktop will be automatically picked up when YES is clicked on registration


Fixed Modulation Wheel bug causing crashes when assigned to filters

Fixed GUI closing Bug

Just wondering about the modwheel crash. So is it only fixed on the mac version? I was having it in windows, so thats why I was wondering

Should be fixed in both

Hi i have problem! today i have update my AnA Synt but when i have open the plugin is stil on 1.0 version ??? must be so?:cool:

thats is an error on our part… it should say 1.01… will fix in next update.

Hey guys,

So I’m confused. Is the new version of ANA 1.0 or a mis-labeled 1.01? Also, it didn’t ask me for the license file when I opened it.



This is version 1.01 we just didnt update the labels in the installer and the about page.

Thanks Phil the quick turnaround with the update. I am up and running…