Update: First finished track called Drive - Uplifting Trance

Hey guys,

I finished my first Track called Drive and i learned a ton of things to think about in the future. Uplifting Trance at 138 BPM.
Hope you like it…



Hi Tom

Quite close to being very good, i think there are a few key clashes in there though. around 2min or so your break clashes with the intro. again at about 5:10 the main riff clashes a bit with the outro.

the mix sounds good - just check everything is in key.

Hi Bryan,

Thank you so much for your help. I didn’t recognize it and you are absolutely right.I made some changes and I think the track fits better. What do you think?

Here the link:




hey, it starts good, very classic sound, get’s a bit dissonant but could be on purpose and somehow still fits. but then starting at 1:23 it’s seriously broken. it’s very dissonant as if you were mixing two songs in two different keys.

maybe have another look:

Hi Kuchenchef,

Thanks for your support.

I will take a look at it.