I joined Sonic Academdy just over a year ago… since then I’ve been watching the tutorial videos, learning, doing, making mistakes (bad ones & lucky ones) and posting stuff on this forum. I’ve only recently started homing in on something I can call I guess, “my own style” This community has helped me to meet many artists, some of whom I’ve collaborated with and released track… others we just do for fun… All in all I can say that this site has given so much. . :smiley:

This is where I’m kinda at right now, a remix for a label. Nothing special used, Sylenth1 mainly with a bassline that I use a lot! One thing I do use now in all my tracks is the BT STEREO IMAGER ST2S so put my sounds in their ‘desired’ place in the stereo spectrum, very handy ;]

Check it out and enjoy:

Very nice bro, I really enjoyed that.

The spatial use is definately noticeable, might have to give that plug a try when I get a new computer…

I liked the drop, not overpowered, just right for this track.

yes enjoyed this one, predict you are gonna be a star :smiley:


Cheers mate, I never used to spend much time on my drops (even though they’re like the main attraction of your track?:S) now I like to try and get the suspense right before it all kicks back in!


:w00t::w00t::w00t: (speechless hehe) cheers man ;]

i agree with ekko, it’s just a matter of months :cool: (over the last couple of months your production has been very consistent regarding to the style and the quality of work…)


Thanks P :wink:

SO cool! Cheers!

thanks mate glad you like

quality stuff mate, keep it up! :cool:

thanks mate! glad you like :slight_smile: