Uplifting laid back Synthwave with electric guitar

Here I am again with a new Synthwave track. A tribute to all these movies where a bunch of kids with BMX bikes were able to fight the good fight against the military, the government suits, or other evil, heartless adults.

The track is finished, but still having trouble a very specific issue: the balance between the main instrument, an electric guitar, and all other instruments.

So here’s my question: is the guitar properly balanced against the rest of the elements?

EDIT: I tweaked volumes and compression a bit for drums and guitar. Drums were getting lost. Now I’m worried drums are a bit too much now.


Sorry, missed this one somehow, so my reply is also “vintage” now :blush: ( vintage from last year only ! )

Think it’s more a question of space than levels with the guitar TBH, use chorus, saturation and reverb and automate how much you send to those effects with some level automation as well, it should bring this guitar more to live IMO, sounds like it was recorded in a closed place as it is now. Variation for those effects along the track arrangement + some volume automation will also help this guitar to “tell” the story, a bit static at the moment if you think about a movie scene :wink:

Next to this, nice track again, just unsure about the piano sound during the break at 1:10

Cheers ! :sunglasses:

OK, reading the title again, your comment makes more sense. It’s about a five months old song!

Agreed on both comments, I think I tweaked the guitar a wee bit before mastering for streaming, and… well, I don’t like the piano now, the more times I hear it, the less I like it… although it’s cheesy, and 80’s were cheesy as well, so it kind of fits… sort of.

Anyway, it’s on Spotify now, flaws included. :sweat:

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