Uplifting Trance Kick with Kick2

Hi guys,

Is there someone who can show how to make an uplifting kick in vst kick2 please?

Looking for the typical kicks you hear on ASOT or FSOE.

Many thx!

Could you post a couple of YouTube links with the sort of kicks you like?

Hi thx Phil!

Sure. There are so many, but here’s a few. (2 are for Psytrance)

(starting at 1:30)

(starting at 0:30)

Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

The Kicks in the 138 trance preset folder sound close to some of the tracks you sent, also theres one in the Sean Tyas folder i really like for this stuff. Try These Ones too… just modifications of some in the 138 Folder.140 Trance 01.preset (788.4 KB)

140 Trance 02.preset (772.9 KB)

140 Trance 03.preset (772.9 KB)

thx Phil!! Sounds nice. I like it!!!

Is there any chance you can put me in the right direction perhaps to get the sound for the kick and bass for the 1st 2 video’s?