Uplifting Trance

Hi there,

I started producing about 4 months ago. I finished some tracks since, this beeing the most recent.

Im well aware, that there is a lot off about my tracks and its getting harder for me to point the issues out on my own.
So I hope some of you may help me out and give some feedback.

Thanks in advance.

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Sorry for late reply :wink:

There’s a good song arrangement & progression in this one, the choice of sounds fits the genre as well. Some gain staging issues between vocals being a bit weak and sitting behind the synths in terms of level. Now the main issue to me in this one is the Kick & Bass tandem. The Kick is too loud and the click of the attack is very prominent as oppose to the thump part of the kick, it creates a kind of timing issue and it gets amplify when the bass comes into play. The body of the kick is quite “boomy” as well, hard to tell if it the kick itself or if this is increase by the bass as well.

Some timing issues as well with synths notes & vocals placements. It might sound better as well if you drop down the tempo, I would go for something a tiny bit slower personally.

Check this tutorial on S.A website about Mixing Kick & Bass with Protoculture, really worth it.

All in all, after only 4 months producing, there’s nice results already. Keep it on :wink:

I like it a lot :slight_smile:

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