Uploaded new track "ALL"

hey i finished my 2nd track called “ALL” you can find it in the user tracks, would love to know what you think of it.

cheers david

People on here are terrible at giving feedback arn’t they! Could you possibly post a link to your tune, I know you said that it’s in your user tracks but I try clicking your name and then your profile and I can’t find user tracks.

Link me and i’ll give you some thoughts.

i posted my track on sendspace so u can download, here is the link http://www.sendspace.com/file/tyf5hn

can anyone else not download this? It sends me round in circles when I like download


I like it. I’m not much of a trance head though.

The breakdown is excellent in particular.

Now where I can see room for improvement is the kick drum, on my speakers (which admittedly are a bit rubbish) it seems like it’s lacking a bit of punch. Could maybe fatten it up by layering it with another one or two

yeah not really sure how to get a good bassdrum out of the track maybe if i get a

pro sound guy to master it they could make it sound better, but you say try layring up

2 or 3 bassdrums on top of each other never though of doing that, i used a sonic

maxinizer on it like phil uses in the tutorials.

I layer drums quite often, it gives them a new different sound quite often. Sometimes they sound awesome, sometimes really shocking. Also you can mess with the start times and ADSR to get some neat effects too

Hey mate,

Just having a listen now. I agree with the kick drum, it does need that bit of ‘oomph’, try boosting your EQ between the 65Hz and 125Hz frequencies and the 2kHz for that added bit of bite.

Also like the lads said, try maybe laying out kicks, you’ll need to make sure they work together however and don’t fight each other in the same frequency range, otherwise you’ll just get phasing and/or a muddy sound. When you’re done put them into a group and work with a compressor so they gel well together.

I’m enjoying the track, the lead strings are nice, they probs need phattening out as well though.

Layering is key here, especially with trance.


thanks for the tips guys will try it out in my next track, but 1 thing i dont understand is all that frenquency stuff like you said boost it at 65Hz and 125Hz dont really know what all that means.

In sound there is a dynamic range of frequencies, from your sub bass range to your high’s.

The numbers just mean around what area of those frequencies.

Open up an EQ like the EQ Eight on Live 7 for example and it allows you to boost, lower and even remove certain frequencies in that range.

It’s all pretty nerd talk i admit but it’s important to get your head around so that you can fully work music without leading to muddyness / phasing / etc in your music.

i agree with all that was said - including not being a trance dood but still appreciate the production.

as for your kick… i dunno… i think it sounds “trancy” and has enough punch and thud for the genre (although… i’d like to know if and how much you are compressing it and the whole track)… what i think, though, is your mix needs to be cleaned up a little (although it is not BAD by any means… especially for someone who doesn’t know EQ)

i think your bass can be dialed in more so it compliments the kick, as the kick seems separated and (to me) gives the appearance of not having enough low end because your arp is very high in the mix and it still cuts through those higher frequencies. i’d see about lowering it a few db or maybe put a slight gate or side chain on it so it moves within the mix (as opposed to your stereo image).

not really sure your bass layer (if it is) but it seems to be hitting at 100hz with very little bottom end… your kick seems to be around 125hz which is about right. i’d try either closing the filter a little on your bass or seeing how it sounds an octave lower. if no go, maybe layer it with another but high pass one and low pass another (HP Filter, LP Filter)

these are all just pieces of advice from my interpretation on trance mixdowns, so take them with a grain of salt. (again… i don’t listen to it enough to say right from wrong) although, i do believe the thuddier kick seems more appropriate for techo or tech or electro tunes moreso, swapping the kick for a thuddier one may be a solution for this particular track as well.

either way… great job mate! keep it up!!